Save money on your energy bills

If you are fed up spending hundreds of pounds on your heating bills on a regular basis and are thinking of switching to solar energy, then look no further than ThermaDetect Solar Ltd. Our MCS Approved solar panel installers specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of solar systems using a wide range of different panels and inverters.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels use the energy from the sun to generate electricity with no waste and no emissions; this can then be used to run appliances and lighting within your own environment or to feed back to the grid to earn an income.

Importantly, solar panels do not rely on direct sunlight to work; as long as there is daylight, power will be generated. However, the more sun there is the more electricity that can be generated.

Experienced solar panel surveyors and installers

Our highly experienced solar panel surveyors and installers will firstly assess your building and provide you with a FREE quote and as to whether your property will be suited to solar panels. We will then carry out the necessary work and install the correct type of solar panels you require. Our solar panels can be mounted on roofs or, in the event of a conservation area, on the ground using specially constructed frames.

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