Solar Maintenance

The Renewable industry has undergone many changes over the years and most notably were the significant Feed-In-Tariff cuts introduced by the Energy Minister Amber Rudd at the beginning of 2016. This meant that many Renewable Energy installation companies that undertook Solar installations for both Domestic and Commercial went out of business because the demand for installations dropped. As a consequence, these companies are no longer available to maintain and service existing installations.

It is a known fact that most inverters came with a 5-year warranty and have a life of somewhere between six to eight years depending on the environmental conditions they were installed into.

Thermadetect Solar Ltd has been able to weather the decline in the industry and is able to continue servicing their existing customers and also installations whose owners find themselves unable to contact the original installation company.

If your solar system fails or just needs a check over we are here to help. We can often replace the inverter (if needed) with a better product at a lower cost than when the system was first installed.

Some of the situations which might require our maintenance service and follow up support:

·         Panel Cleaning.
·         Faulty wiring due to infestation or deterioration of solar cables.
·         Failing Inverters or switches.
·         Panel removal due to building work or roof maintenance.

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