Making your Solar System Smarter

There are a number of devices available to make your existing solar system work smarter.

Hot water Controller

Why send surplus solar generated energy back to the grid? If your system is registered to receive a deemed export payment then continue to receive this but use the energy that might be going back into the grid in a more efficient way. If you have a hot water tank then use a Hot Water controller to send your surplus solar energy to your tanks immersion heater and get free hot water. This will save your gas bill and during the summer it is likely depending on how much solar energy you have spare, you will not need to switch your gas boiler on!

Intelligent Switches

These provide the ability to turn a device on/off within your property when there is surplus solar energy. With many of us out to work during the day, it is not always possible to turn the dishwasher or washing machine on when the sun is out. These devices will help manage this for you.

Smart Solar Systems

Why not let us tell you about the benefits of a Solaredge system for your property. Follow this link to get an overview of the benefits over a traditional solar PV system. CLICK HERE 

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